Tutorial How to migrate your Blogger blog content to WordPress without Blogger Import plugin - 2020


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You might have encountered some issues while trying to import your blogger blog XML file to your new WordPress blog and you are getting nothing more than a "Have Fun" message. This issue is caused by some author incompatibilities in the new blogger XML and the blogger importer.

So? what is the solution to blogger importer plugin not working:
The solution is very simple and effective 10/10 times. Follow the steps below:
  • Export all your logger contents from your blogger dashboard site.
  • Create a free account at wp.com and get a throwaway WordPress blog. It will be something like coronavirus.wordpress.com.
  • Log in to the throwaway admin dashboard and find a button named Import (from the left menu items under Tools).
  • Click on it and select Blogger from the options displayed.

  • Drag your exported XML file into the box and wait for the upload to finish successfully.
  • Wait for the import to finish and assign authors if required.
  • Now, after successfully importing the content, check the homepage to confirm all your content have moved or check the Posts list on the dashboard.
  • Then go back to the Tools > Export from the sidebar and click "Export All".
  • After a few minutes, your exports should be ready, you will get a download link and it will also be sent to the mail you registered with.
  • The download link is a zip file which includes subdivided chunks of all your contents from posts, pages, comments, media links.
  • Extract all the XML file from the zip file and move over to your main WordPress blog. You don't need the throwaway wp.com blog anymore.
  • On your WordPress blog dashboard, go to Tools > Import and install/activate the WordPress blog import.
  • Once the tool is active, you can proceed to import each and every XML file you extracted from the zip file earlier, assign author and media if you want until you're done with all the chunks depending on how many you have, the bigger your blogger blog, the more chunks you get.
  • That's all, you should have your new WordPress blog ready within few hours depending on how fast you are.
  • You are all set and done without using the blogger importer plugin.
I hope this guide helps you migrate your blogger blog from blogger to WordPress successfully without problems or errors. If you feel you don't have the technical abilities to follow this procedures, you can send me a PM on the forum to do the dirty job for you. If you have any issues or complaint, feel free to let me know below.