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Without a web host and domain names, no single file could exist online to be accessed and the could be no means or address to access whatever.

Imagine you as a human, your spirit is hosted within your body and your name is used to access you, once you hear someone mention it, your respond to the call.

Same thing applies to web host and domain names.

What is webhost?

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Webhost is kind of a container or better still you can see it as a memory card where files are stored. Your website and all its files including posts, videos, images, whatever, just mention. All that can be held on a website because it is stored in a web host.

The web host is like your body hosting your spirit (which can be seen as files). In this case, web host can simply be called your website Storage.

Furthermore, just like you store files (music, videos, pictures, etc) in your phone memory or maybe SD memory, without the memories no files can be stored, something applies to a website and its web host!

What is a domain name?

It is simply a name for a particular website, example: hotspot.ng is a domain name for this website you are currently on.

Same way a file is named in your phone (example for "music": Frank Edwards - This Love), so that you can easily access it, same way a website is named so that, you can easily access its files stored in a web host.

In conclusion, the domain name hotspot.ng brings you here to access a file that is stored in a web host.
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